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For years, the photographs have languished out of sight, yet they now arrive to form what contributor Deborah Willis calls "a corrective visual history," for the blind spots on our view of the past, and the holes in the heart and mind where history and memory reside.
For 55 years after Exupery's final disappearance on a reconnaissance flight over southern France in 1945, a scant year after the publication of The Little Prince, Consuelo's manuscript languished in a trunk along with other memorabilia.
But for decades, the world's most populous nation languished economically.
If the market languished, and especially if it declined, then the expectation of a Fed Funds decline might well be borne out.
The Scot has languished behind bars ever since after receiving the death penalty.
Many of the paintings languished in museum storage; others were tracked to private collections throughout the U.S.
Which could explain why the film languished off-screen for the past year while Hollywood execs bandied it about like a hot potato.
As the Inquisitional tribunal functioned at an interminable slow pace, Fray Luis languished in the prison of the Holy Office for nearly five years until he was finally forced to retract several of his statements.