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But the price of the company's roughly 32 million partnership units have languished despite those record results and dominance in the Santa Clarita Valley, the county's fastest-growing region.
Prior to DiNoto's strategic marketing procedures, the property languished on the market for almost a year.
This spells good news for a communications IC market, which has languished during the recent downturn.
The triple-CD ``Lather'' is ostensibly Zappa's original ``Leather'' album from 1977 that languished amid dueling lawsuits and contract obligations until the material was issued on four midperiod albums.
which languished catastrophically in the early 1990s, is regaining its pre-eminence with a steady influx of European retailers into high-end store locations.
Frequently, technologies were purchased without strategic plans and many large projects languished, even if they were completed.
His career languished for years before a resuscitation topped in 1994 with a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing Bela Lugosi in ``Ed Wood.
Although the Dover had languished on the market for five years, I realized that its prime location and excellent price would be particularly appealing to small, international hotel chains who previously wanted a flagship hotel in New York City, but could never afford the prices," said Spiegel, a specialist in selling problematic properties that are held by banks and financial institutions, said.
For most of the last four years, the price of publicly held AutoNation stock seemed caught in a death spiral, a one-way ride to oblivion as the stock dropped from a high of $44 a share and languished in the $4 to $5 range.
Van Gundy, instituting many of Riley's defensive principles and returning the team to an ethic of hard work, won the endorsement of Patrick Ewing and the respect of an often difficult group of players that had bickered and languished under Nelson.
The complaint alleges that Chrysler's operations have languished as a satellite of Daimler-Benz's Stuttgart headquarters, causing the trading value of the securities issued in connection with the merger to decline substantially in value, reflecting the inflated value of the securities Chrysler shareholders received and the unfairness of the exchange ratio, which, among other things, incorporated no premium for Chrysler's sale of control.