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This proposal of moderate fund infusion would help physical completion of languishing NH projects expeditiously bringing relief, thereby, to the citizens/highway users in the area.
Badal duo should explain what stops them from releasing 96 Sikh prisoners languishing in Punjab jails, if they can prematurely release terrorist- turnedpolice officer Gurmeet, alias Pinky," Congress spokesperson Sukhpal Singh Khaira said.
He urged people to formulate Zakat committees in every locality in order to help the families of martyred freedom activists and the prisoners languishing in different jails.
It is noteworthy to mention in this context that Anbar, Salahuddin , Diyaly , Nineveh and Kirkuk provinces where demonstrations and sit-ins are ongoing demanding the release of innocent detainees who languishing since many year in prison without bringing them to a fair trail , also punishing those who violates the honor of prisoners, in addition to demanding the fight against corruption , approve the amnesty law and the abolition of Article 4 / terrorism /.
533 of them have been shifted to their countries while 241 were still languishing in Guantanamo.
Thirty-six foreign nationals are languishing in Indian jails after having completed their prison terms.
All the Kashmiris languishing in different jails are facing fabricated cases.
Before crossing into their home country, the prisoners appealed to the Governments of India and Pakistan to release those who have been languishing in various jails of both countries.
The company was languishing at the time after a spate of poor management decisions and fruitless research.
Today's Man, Eddie Bauer, Sports Authority, Loehmann's, TJ Maxx, Channel, K-Mart, Bradlee's, Caldor, Filene's, Disney, Herman's, Toys 'R Us, and several other large chain retailers led the revolution, all seeking big blocks of space in retail districts that had been languishing throughout the past five years or more.
AFTER reports that over 150 juvenile undertrials are languishing in jails in the Capital, the Delhi High Court has directed the state government to submit details of the action taken and its redressal mechanism for the same within a week's time.
ISLAMABAD -- Scores of Kashmiris implicated in fake cases are languishing in Jaipur, Gujrat, Rajasthan, Banglore and Tihar jails in India despite many of them have completed their term.