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YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Languor 9 On air 10 Bless 11 Surpass 12 Mac 13 Embraced 16 Impaired 17 Ole 19 Basmati 21 Comet 22 Elude 23 Stature.
Available today for stream and download it comes with a video that sees carrot juice, egg yolks and glass splash and spin through the air with gorgeous languor.
By age 27, Storni had authored six short stories, two novels, and a series of essays including La inquietud del rosal (The Restlessness of the Rosebush, 1916), El dulce dano (Sweet Pain, 1918), Irremediablemente (Irremediably, 1919), and Languidez (Languor, 1920).
A group of young people converge upon a ramshackle manor where they pass day after summer day in a state of hedonistic languor and ardent fascination with the beautifully poised and reserved matron of the house, referred to simply as "the mother." This woman is indeed mother of three children: a teenage daughter, Stina, and two little boys.
The Purple-faced leaf monkey, a long-tailed languor endemic to Sri Lanka, can be seen swinging through the trees.
I have not heard, to the best of my knowledge, of employers having writing programmes or sessions for new employees, or old employees, in the event that management sees some languor in their communication abilities.
In a debate after the inauguration, Macron stressed the importance of culture in the "redefining" of Europe, highlighting the crucial role language, educational exchanges and the arts have to play in combatting the "languor" gripping the continent.
One also finds stray lines of his poetry appearing in contemporary Egyptian novels and short stories, as in Ibrahim Farghali's Smiles of the Saints orYasser Abdellatif's " Country Train ," when the narrator says, "Recalling some lines of poetry by Amal Donqol-- At the village stations insomnia's trains pull in/ And the wings of dust draw up with the languor of imminence --I took to entertaining myself by repeating them and fancied I saw the train approaching, swaying indistinct through the darkness...
Higgins, a four-time world champion, must have been thinking a fifth title was coming his way as he took advantage of Selby's languor early in the match, a hangover from the world number one's sapping semi-final against Ding Junhui.
this rack beneath the languor of a glove's painful white.
The genre of portraiture has different looks and different functions, ranging from the high finish of heads of state to the languor of lovers lying in bed.
In an even better example of legal languor, three federal judges in San Antonio have been sitting on the state's redistricting case since Rick Perry was governor of Texas and Democrats controlled the U.S.