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Under the new measures and as part of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's campaign to push his "dynamic activation of all citizens" campaign, to tackle Japan's rapidly aging and shrinking population, a panel of experts have been convening on implementing new policy measures to be announced next week, against a backdrop of worsening economic languor amid concerns in some quarters that the government's solutions are short-sighted.
Nevertheless, Scotland seems to have fallen into a languor that does not appear to be echoed south of the border where Westminster has set a target of a million homes to be built across England by 2020.
The vigour of spring, the activity of summer, the languor of autumn and the dying year, the confinement and relaxation of winter are proper to every form of animal life, and man can live contentedly in this routine, sharing it with the sun and the moon, the trees and plants, upon which he depends for his sustenance, and the animals, both domestic and wild, with which he must live in close proximity.
Lady Gregory and WB Yeats' symbolic drama Cathleen ni Houlihan (the titular character played with pallid languor by Madelaine Smart) is an early 20th-century Nationalist call to arms made through a 1798 revolution drama.
In his first chapter, Fremy points out, for example, that visual representations of the poet (sketches, sculptures, photos) when considered together, show a complex character, with some depicting an energy and vitality clearly at odds with the languor and listlessness traditionally associated with much of his early poetry; while in La Bonne Chanson, usually considered Verlaine's happiest and most positive recueil, Fremy underlines the expression of an anguish and negativity more typical of Poemes saturniens.
Parsi artist Katayun Saklat paints languor into her people.
Abbey also hyped a book he titled, "The Sexual System and its Derangements'': "It tells about Manhood, Womanhood, Sex, Beauty, Marriage, Nervous and Sexual Debility, languor, tiresome feelings, unsociability, bashfulness, cowardice, irritable temper, forgetfulness, gloomy forebodings, unfitness for business, inability to reason or concentrate the mind or meet the gaze of others, unfixedness of purpose, trembling, staggering, pasty skin, hollow eyes, blunted sense, scanty beard, and a thousand symptoms which usher in Palsy, Idiocy, Insanity and all kinds of diseases.
For the young Charles Ryder, inactivity is a charmed garden opening onto a new world ("the languor of Youth .
Without health, life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering.
Fatigue (also called exhaustion, tiredness, lethargy, languidness, languor, lassitude, and listlessness) is a subjective feeling of tiredness which is distinct from weakness, and has a gradual onset.
Grocery shopping is mind-numbingly dull enough as it is and the only thing saving me from shuffling open-mouthed around the frozen section with lobotomised languor for hours at a time are those bashed up, wonky-wheeled carts that forever veer in the wrong direction.
But because Nadas is bent on plumbing the depths of his themes, and because more than ever eros is his perennial subject, we don't miss the languor, and don't mind the close scrutiny, the explicitness, the objectivity.