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BEIRUT: Of all the musics performed in this town, it is arguably jazz that most needs the languorous inhalation of cigarette smoke by players onlookers alike.
Once the festivity ebbs, Patiala is back to being a languorous city with no one seeming in a rush to reach anywhere.
and we had been playing our games, and we were languorous,
Described as "an inviting, luminous hue," the shade combines the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green" evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring one's sense of wellbeing.
Another is John Selya, looking like a gambler right out of Guys and Dolls, with the languorous Holley Farmer, who is like catnip to the men.
When we speak--me in a Manhattan office, him at home in Maui--the conversation goes nowhere near his languorous and awesome new album, Closer to the Bone.
Their languorous, yet assertive shapes, offer a perfect balance.
intense' and the outward lassitude, the languorous pose and the drooping limb were a sure sign of the cultivation of the inner life of intentsified sensation.
For example, in Hour Glass, 2007, he pulses a languorous rhythm in a pair of glass jars filled with blue ink, alternately illuminated by coiled neon tubes submerged in the dark liquid.
To further indulge in the beautiful surrounds, the resort has a stylish rooftop bar with languorous settees and oversized cushions available for guests to "chill out" and soak in the famous Balinese sunsets.
As all these shape-shifting characters enter, exit, and interact, they assume contrary affects, from staccato to languorous, to abrupt to floating, to assembly-line indifference.
Also joining Zero 7 on stage Sunday is Australian ice queen Sia Furler, whose languorous voice is probably most familiar for her song ``Breathe Me,'' which was featured in the final scene of the ``Six Feet Under'' series finale, and on the ``Six Feet Under: Everything Ends'' soundtrack album.