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Out went Dr Kildare's languorously holistic approach.
That 2 Tone spirit comes through on "Tap Tap," a slow-grinding dancehall track that finds her deejaying like a female Ranking Roger, languorously winding her syllables around the stripper poles of the beat.
An engaging and extremely detailed window into the world of an artist's studio, the painting shows a young draughtsman absorbed in copying a languorously posed model.
Tidiani had met an albino singer down by the banks of the River Niger, the river that winds languorously through the city, and been impressed with the timbre of the young man's voice.
We can be certain that it is not a place where orcs roam free, international spies languorously sip chilled martinis, or glittering spacecraft explore the interstellar void.
She passes under immense billboards on which other women swoon in sexual ecstasy, cavort in lingerie or simply stretch out languorously, almost fully naked.
Soft light from an old bronze chandelier casts a glow on the creamy curved walls, and you expect that any moment a sylphlike movie star from the 1920s will languorously descend, draped in whispering silk and strands of pearls.
Acclaimed cinematographer Chris Doyle's camera follows an introverted adolescent as he languorously skateboards in slow-motion swirls, avoiding the conflicts around him, which include a murder as well as his own troubled family.
Stretching exercises in the afternoon sun created no desire to run, just a longing to stop everything, to look up at the unfolding green of the trees, feel soft wind course through the grass, a desire to just lie there, stretching languorously, thinking of slowing things down, of putting my arm around my girlfriend, Michelle, touching the slight dampness around her waist as we walked in the warm sun after school on a day I skipped practice.
A Negro stands in a doorway with a toothpick, languorously agitating.
Bamako's cultural attractions may be many and varied, but it is the River Niger winding its way languorously through the city that is the main artery, providing sustenance and an invaluable transport system.