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And of course the cove curves as languorously as ever, the water turning from turquoise to cobalt as it deepens, a few fishing boats out there, and then the islands, on one of which Senator Kerrey earned the Medal of Honor.
Whenever Frannie is aroused or fantasizing, the image softens and blurs, save for a single mobile focal point, which probes the scene like a searching eye or a caressing hand--moving slowly, languorously, along the curve of Frannie's leg, across the arch of Malloy's shoulder, over the softly angled peaks of entwined bodies and crumpled bed sheets.
He focuses languorously on street scenes, empty corridors, and bandaged feet.
The book would have benefited from tighter editing where he coils languorously around a point: Johnson showed "a particular talent, a talent for winning the passage of legislation ...
He whispers, sighs, and languorously wanders through the words, evoking the full range of emotion in a language often confined to old folk songs.
The frequent guest of honor is a retired, long-serving government minister, a regal figure whose son is a "mere paperback edition" of him--though he has managed to marry the languorously enticing German-Brazilian Silvi (whose wineglass host Bernward keeps unfailingly topped up).
As it slowly unravels its secrets through Orsini's and d'Allier's alternating perspectives, the narrative "glides on silver skates from the surreal to the absurd to the languorously decadent" (, balancing a stylish, suspenseful thriller with eccentric characters, sly humor, and a vivid and alluring setting.
The Chinese delivery boy languorously removed his baseball cap and long ebony tresses cascaded down.
The inexhaustible energy of Egyptians spilled into the early hours of the morning, languorously sedated by intoxicating music and satiation of the senses.
Summer stretches languorously here, with 16 hours of daylight--enough time to savor the islands' patented pleasures: orcas and eagles, kayaking and hiking, and a food scene that shows the influence of a burgeoning slow-food movement.
By virtue of its position, you get a panoramic view of not only the Ganga as it winds languorously towards the northern plains, but also of the hazy ridges stretching away to the west and east.