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It gave us a glimpse at the future as the lap dog fawned at his master's feet.
Dog ownership is now a matter of status: big ferocious-looking ones, or small lap dogs you can dress up, and dachshunds don't fall in any of those categories.
The Master's Nazi-loving German lap dog was at least injured after Palmer shot him with silver bullets.
The cosy "lap dog" relationship between Tony Blair and George W.
Name: | Willow Age: Six Owner: Ruth Daverson Lives: Newcastle - Willow loves sitting on your knee he thinks he's a lap dog
Mrs Kennedy, you need to do what's got to be done, don't be a lap dog and don't let the police waste their time on the easy options until all serious crime is cut by at least half.
My nephew Sean owns Lance, a 68-pound vizsla who thinks he's a lap dog. Lance is very smart and extremely loyal to Sean.--Arlene Sousa, Pocatello, Idaho
"Stuart Pearce was as hard as nails but look at him now - he was like a lap dog, sitting there next to Fabio Capello on the England bench.
When not writing, Berinn can be found flying old airplanes, watching SciFi movies, playing RPGs, and pampering an incredibly spoiled sixty-pound lap dog.
When Maggie ravaged the heavy industries of the South Wales valleys through to the warmongering Tony Blair the lap dog to George Bush.
The reality is that he is a lap dog appeasing a room of 80 backbench Tories MPs.
Each of these has a common thread--the Legislature and governor want a lap dog judiciary.