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The global laparotomy sponges market was worth US$ 0.75 Billion in 2018.
As shown in Table 1, there was no significant difference between age, gender, indication and compartment of previous laparotomy, and number of previous laparotomies in the case and control groups.
Laparoscopy has progressively substituted laparotomy as the desirable surgical method in supervising ectopic pregnancy, [17] though its usefulness in the detection and cure of pregnancy in abdomen is not adequately performed.
"The opioid-sparing effect was also marked and statistically significant in the laparotomy group, where most patients remained physically active and recovered well with no negative sequelae or elevated pain score after surgery."
Of the 29 patients who underwent surgical interventions, 16 (55.2%) underwent pancreatic necrosectomy debridement, including laparotomy and laparoscopy assisted, 4 (13.8%) underwent percutaneous catheter drainage (PCD), and 9 (34.5%) underwent pancreatoduodenectomy (Whipple procedure).
A number of studies have been conducted in India which suggest that new interrupted X-technique for abdominal closure after midline laparotomy significantly reduces the risk of burst abdomen7,8.
Descriptive Analysis and Estimation of Parameters: A total of 95 patients studied who underwent laparotomy for intestinal obstruction included 57 (60%, 80% CL 50.15, 69.85%) men and 38 (40%, 80% CL 30.15, 49.85%) women with men to women ratio of 1.5:1.
Complete dissection of the entire biliary system along with exploration of the possible ectopic sites of gallbladder was in the past mandatory to conclusively diagnose agenesis.[1,2,3,4] In our initial five patients, conversion to laparotomy was needed for complete exploration.
Most of these patients require urgent laparotomy to establish accurate diagnosis and prevent intestinal ischaemia.
Ladd's procedure was done and a decision was made to close the abdomen with a plan for a 2nd look laparotomy after 24 hours.
Ischaemic and septic presentations were found to be independent factors but colonic obstruction and perforation causing peritonitis and sepsis are the leading indicators for an emergency laparotomy (Green et al., 2013; McGuillicuddy et al., 2009; Modini et al., 2012; Runkel Schlag, Schwarz & Herfarth, 1991; Rymaruk, 2012; Torosian & Turnbull, 1998).
Accordingly, we sought to evaluate outcomes of severely critically ill patients who underwent an undirected emergency exploratory laparotomy. We hypothesized that (1) the ability to transport the patient to the OR defined a population with a lesser mortality than those undergoing bedside exploration and (2) mortality would strongly correlate with commonly identified physiologic derangements and abnormal laboratory data.