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The method of lapping that I have used and will demonstrate here will lap and polish the outer surface of the lands where they have been reamed, as well as the grooves which may have been formed in different ways.
This will aid in starting the lap into the bore as well as retaining some of the lapping medium for distribution.
Pace, a supplier of conventional lapping fluids, expects to market the tea-based slurry.
The Brownells ring lap comes with lapping compound.
The Team did not have enough budget money to purchase a bunch of new barrels to replace barrels that weren't worn out, so I resorted to fire lapping. I've fire lapped about 100 barrels and every one of them improved!
Lapping takes place when abrasive grain in a liquid vehicle (often known as a slurry) is guided across the surface to be lapped and backed by a lapping plate.