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The laptops received by the students are cheap and of poor quality,' a retailer at a renowned electronic market in Rawalpindi told Pakistan Today, adding that 'at least 8 to 10 students visit the market to sell their laptops daily, but they hardly get Rs8000 to Rs10,000 as the quality of laptops being distributed under the PM's scheme is very poor.
The laptops scheme was initiated by the former Prime Minster Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and it was also decided that 500,000 laptops would be distributed among Ph.
When it comes to the repair cost, it's reported to include the sum total of cost of the laptop screen & fitting price.
Reasonable laptop security measures also should include keeping account of the device at all times.
If the stolen laptop is connected to the internet, it will call back an Absolute office every 15 minutes to reveal its location.
Senette-Holt said an investigation is under way to determine whether information on the laptops could be used to commit identity fraud and how to notify potential victims.
But if that laptop is stolen or lost, district leaders can track it using Absolute Software's Computrace Data Protection, which can be built into any Dell, Gateway, HP or Lenovo computer.
Tomorrow's laptops will mimic the clamshell-style cell phones, which have a second, smaller screen on the outside that displays basic information such as time, date, caller identification and connection accessibility.
Some people are still in the room, so you don't feel a need to lock up your laptop with its security cable.
Although a determined thief would have the tools to cut though a laptop lock, it is less likely they would bother with your locked machine when there are so many other unlocked laptops out there.
In the group of companies with laptop users, the survey also found 57% of companies ask laptop users to manually upload their data onto company servers; with only 29% of companies using software to automatically backup laptop-based files to the corporate network.
LindowsOS Laptop Edition is the first Linux operating system to offer support for Centrino laptops.