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Criminals with the same mean preconviction income as larcenists and thieves ($10,312) can expect a reduction of $4705 (or 46 percent), while those with the same mean preconviction income as embezzlers and defrauders ($20,992) face a reduction of $13,451 (or 64 percent).
Those have also suffered by the predatory fingers of petty larcenists, who have torn out plates of famous race-horses; but, on the whole, as was remarked just now, these mischievous depredations have been few in number, and the great majority of those who habitually frequent the Melbourne Public Library feel that they possess a proprietary interest in the institution, and that they are under an obligation to protect the contents from spoilation or injury accordingly.
publishing periodic lists of `active rapists,' `active larcenists,' or other `known criminals.