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The researchers discovered an alteration in a gene called HDAC9, which affects a person's risk of large artery ischemic stroke.
The multiple feeding arteries were best demonstrated on the contrast-enhanced MRA, showing a large artery arising from the abdominal aorta, adjacent to the coeliac axis (Fig.
Dietary supplementation with marine omega-3 fatty acids improve systemic large artery endothelial function in subjects with hypercholesterolemia.
The wound, into the heart and into a large artery which carried blood to the lungs, caused blood loss which led to death.
Popular actor Makoto Fujita died Wednesday of bleeding from a large artery at Osaka University Hospital in Suita, Osaka Prefecture, his agent said Thursday.
He noted that the procedure involved a catheter (thin tube), which was inserted into a large artery.
1) It is defined as an abnormally large artery that retains a large caliber as it approaches the mucosa.
Artery elastitity (HIV+ versus HIV-) Large artery * Small artery * Model 1 -2.
At first glance a large artery resembles a simple rubber tube.
Following approximately 5-10 minutes of supine rest, large artery (C1) and small artery (C2) elasticity indices were obtained by an (HDI/Pulswave[TM] CR-2000 Cardiovascular Profiling System, Hypertension Diagnostic, Inc.
Large artery involvement in giant (temporal) arteritis.

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