large enough

See: ample
References in classic literature ?
Is your large experience in other matters large enough to help me in this?
My bedroom, originally a linen-closet, was unheated and was barely large enough to contain my cot-bed, but it enabled me to call the other room my study.
for so I interpret the words QUINBUS FLESTRIN,) "after the strictest search, we found only one great piece of coarse-cloth, large enough to be a foot-cloth for your majesty's chief room of state.
Meantime he worked and worked away, till he made a hole large enough to put out his head.
Jimmie grew large enough to take the vague position of head of the family.
Solomon explained hastily that what he meant was not one of the cumbrous boats that humans use; the proposed boat was to be simply a thrush's nest large enough to hold Peter.
As soon as they had made a breach at the window, large enough for the admission of a man's head, one of them thrust in a torch and looked all round the room.
They paid no further attention to me and I was thus permitted to remain close and watch their operations, which consisted in breaking an opening in the wall of the incubator large enough to permit of the exit of the young Martians.
D'Artagnan went toward a very small, low window, just large enough to let a man through.
You'll find it large enough to cook our sumptuous repasts," he retorted lightly.
His kingdom was very small, but still quite large enough to marry upon; and he wished to marry.
As the looking-glass was only large enough to reflect a very small portion of Tess's person at one time, Mrs Durbeyfield hung a black cloak outside the casement, and so made a large reflector of the panes, as it is the wont of bedecking cottagers to do.

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