large undertaking

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The additions to the number of 'episodes' or acts, and the other accessories of which tradition; tells, must be taken as already described; for to discuss them in detail would, doubtless, be a large undertaking.
With the rising costs of club baseball, Akadema recognizes that each player and their parents have a large undertaking with the cost that arise from playing club baseball," says VP of Sales Kris Totten.
Finally, there is no reason to sustain an artificial divide between political accounts of the Revolution on the island from these outside narratives, even as joining them, as Figueroa notes, is a large undertaking.
FASB faces a large undertaking if it tries to address the complaints it has heard about the guidance for the format of income and cash flow statements.
This was a large undertaking and will benefit so many people in the area.
So we have the real large undertaking of serving the great hospitals that we have here.
Now we've got a large undertaking as we use our problem solving capability and absolute attention to detail to return the City of Rotterdam back to service as soon as possible.
This massive regulatory overhaul is a large undertaking and delays can be expected, especially given the thousands of public comments already provided on the proposed rules.
They say that adding two extra floors and extending the property to the rear is a large undertaking in a scenic area and that the building is also out of keeping with the conservation area.
In bringing together the complexities of such a large undertaking, JTSO has been focused on the 20 specified tasks given to them by the JIE executive committee through its JIE management construct.
With the increased amount of data, complex search terms and parameters, date culls and many other variables, the collection of data has become a very large undertaking.
It seems like a large undertaking, but the results are worth it--both in finished product, as well as in personal and professional growth.

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