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LARGE. Broad; extensive; unconfined. The opposite of strict, narrow, or confined. At large, at liberty.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Quantz was aware of the smallness of the man, the dwarfing largeness of the dark halo.
It is only by understanding the cultural complexity and largeness of the concept of agriculture that we can see the threatening diminishments implied by the term "agribusiness."
And most of all, it showed a largeness of spirit, an ability to see past differences in search of common ground."
'Without the strict adherence to the sacrosanct largeness of the rule of law, without the natural guidance of the enlightened spectacle of societal thematic truth, we are all endangered, democracy itself becomes wobbly, teeters upon the cliffhanger of ruin,' George said.
by Courtesy of ArticlesFactory.comThe colour white is especially good for a small room as its great quality provides the room an illusion of largeness.
Individual achievement in a mass state succumbs to the accolades showered on those inventions or developments designed to cope with the increasing "largeness" of city/state size or population.
It may have been the largeness of his teeth, coupled with their colour.
It calls out "Come FALL in Love" which represents the largeness of our campaign.
"The largeness of a company like Source Atlantic behind it, now it can have access to support and systems that are already in place."
He will not be judged by the largeness of the space his administration occupies at the Rashtrapati Bhavan but by the largeness of his heart and head, in the way he will stand for the democratic principles and secular values enshrined in our Constitution.
Part of The Lightning Field's sublimity is its largeness and privateness; you inhabit it alone or with a maximum of five others.