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To this sensor will be connected sensors which will scan the position of clams and also sensor which will scan the largeness of clamping force.
I also design art you can go inside, places for the imagination, full of individual visual delights, largeness and spectacle.
Compassion and the largeness of God are also the focus of this month's cover story, Finding God.
Organisation details : People in Need- People in Need is a Czech non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission statement is to inspire a largeness of spirit in Czech society by helping others in need and by promoting democratic freedom for all.
Largeness is rude here, an assault on vision, akin to the way some of the works make us feel we are seeing double.
Recent attempts to apply similar forms in large scale commercial and civic buildings by conspicuous display of historically derived detail emerge as artificial and insincere despite, or perhaps because of, their largeness and their glitter.
The irony is that a silent legislature has prompted further judicial introspection and a reassuring knowledge that it is possible to learn from the wisdom and infrequent error of a court with the largeness of spirit to seek to remedy a juridical experiment gone awry.
The largeness of the normalized values would have come mostly from the smallness of the experimental values for brittle fracture.
His work has a largeness that amplifies the power of motion and moves it beyond the individual.
But if you're capable of growing into the largeness of marriage, do it.
Aristocratic," I think, meant they were proud of their blood and loved the land they lived on, that they regarded some things as Done, some as Not Done, and that they valued largeness of spirit and openness to play.
Our longing to be connected with the largeness of life brings our teaching alive.