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LARGE. Broad; extensive; unconfined. The opposite of strict, narrow, or confined. At large, at liberty.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He got a new effect of airships altogether, as vast things coming down upon him, growing swiftly larger and larger and more overwhelming, until the houses over the way seemed small, the American rapids narrow, the bridge flimsy, the combatants infinitesimal.
The whole struggling mass approached very swiftly, growing rapidly larger, and coming out black and featureless against the afternoon sun and above the blinding welter of the Upper Rapids.
We have seen that it is the common, the widely-diffused, and widely-ranging species, belonging to the larger genera, which vary most; and these will tend to transmit to their modified offspring that superiority which now makes them dominant in their own countries.
It noted that there are a number of verdicts, particularly a larger bench judgment, wherein the registration of a second and third FIR was allowed in 2016.
ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) chief justice on Tuesday established a new larger bench to hear a petition seeking disqualification of Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif.The three-judge bench, led by Justice Athar Minallah, will resume the hearing on April 05.The bench was earlier dissolved after Justice Gul Hassan Aurangzeb declined to proceed with the case and subsequently, the matter was referred to IHC Chief Justice Anwar Khan Kasi to reconstitute the bench.
Some sector participants and observers believe that until revenue growth at the larger CROs slows, we will not see meaningful consolidation.
For all stockings, "legal-size" trout are about 8 inches long upon release; "larger" fish are 12 inches long, "pounders" measure about 14 inches, and "trophy" fish are 16 inches.
The smaller parties have begun to make calculations and are even getting prepared to respond to the invites of the larger parties, although these are only speculations.