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LARGE. Broad; extensive; unconfined. The opposite of strict, narrow, or confined. At large, at liberty.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Les shows aeriens auront lieu a 17h00 au large de la plage de M'diq et a 19h00 au large de la plage de Cabo Negro, precise la meme source, soulignant que ces shows seront animes par la prestigieuse equipe de voltige aerien "Marche Verte" des Forces Royales Air.
As part of its efforts, the airline has led the way in developing biofuels as an alternative to petroleum-based fuels, with algae considered a potential viable alternative to crops, which often need large amounts of water and land.
Yo Gam host larges HEROES J Hoy and Grainger Youth Games hosts largest event in "We will
The Indian government had availed one billion dollar loan from the World Bank in April to fund an eight-year project to clean the river, larges stretches of which are heavily polluted by industrial and domestic waste.
M6, RTL and MSN hope to attract a larges audience so they possibly may lure important advertisers.
Addressing the condolence reference, National Lawyers Fourms Kamran Mulakhail, Qair Rehmatullah and Ikhlaq Shah Advocate and Pashtoonkhaw Lawyers Forums Afzal Advocate said that Karachi is the larges city where the people of every nationality were settled.
Under the project larges swathes of land in the area is protected from development.
In addition to being transparent in regulation, the government should provide guarantee for IPPs' investment, Ali said the government has offered IPPs take the larges part in its second fast track program
Taji Detention camp, the second larges American detention, will be handed to Iraqi government on a date not later than the 10th of January.<p>A meeting between Iraqi and American officials to discuss the process of transferring the detention camp was held on Monday, Sep.
"It's taken me 44 years, but I've finally done it," laughs Phil who runs Larges Farm in Meriden with his son Richard, assisted by butchers Phil Dukes and Eddie Parkes.
Rob Serraglio, senior vice president, BC & Yukon Division, BMO Bank ofMontreal, said, 'BMO Financial Group's gift to the Campaign for BC Children, the larges in the bank's history in BC, is based on the belief that we have a key role t play in helping to ensure that our communities remain strong and vibrant.
Suite Ea ces travaux, la SociE[umlaut]tE[umlaut] canadienne du Cancer a d'ailleurs E[umlaut]mis un avis recommandant la prise systE[umlaut]matique de supplE[umlaut]ments en vitamine D, notamment chez les plus de 55 ans.Il est encore prE[umlaut]maturE[umlaut] de vous jeter sur les complE[umlaut]ments en vitamine D, tant que ces rE[umlaut]sultats ne sont pas confirmE[umlaut]s par des E[umlaut]tudes plus larges. nE[umlaut]anmoins, sachez qu'il existe deux possibilitE[umlaut]s pour augmenter vos apports en vitamine D : l'exposition au soleil (mais attention Ea vous protE[umlaut]ger) et l'alimentation, notamment les oeufs, le beurre et le foie, le poissons gras.Source: Am J Clin Nutr, juin 2007 ; vol.