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BENEVOLENCE, duty. The doing a kind action to another, from mere good will, without any legal obligation. It is a moral duty only, and it cannot be enforced by law. A good wan is benevolent to the poor, but no law can compel him to be so.

BENEVOLENCE, English law. An aid given by the subjects to the king under a pretended gratuity, but in realty it was an extortion and imposition.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The Largess Restaurant has been designed in a unique style that one can feel himself, when entered the restaurant, as if he is in a European restaurant.
largess. In fact, Iraq was already "in arrearage" to the bank itself.
Largess deftly directed his horses across Kelley Square.
First to profit from this largess was the elegant Italian-style facade, reconstructed from old photographs.
Bereft of a good issue, the Democrats can only snipe at such largess. The dozen or so Democratic presidential hopefuls make fast work of President Bush's fiscal "irresponsibility." (Fiscal conservatism occurs naturally when you're running against tax cuts and a recovering economy.)
I am not claiming President Bush is rewarding his own voters (an implausible claim, since the patterns of federal receipts and largess have been established for decades).
"Our defense really got us going and got us back into the swing of things," said Shrewsbury coach Erin Largess. "(Doherty) has some dangerous threats on offense, so we really didn't want to let them get going."
Yet the liberal project of joining state largess to culture has hardly been a success.
LEOMINSTER - Shrewsbury High coach Erin Largess challenged her super sophomore, Elizabeth Grip, to play a full, 32-minute game last night.
Its early development was paid for with tax dollars (in much more modest sums than Gore's later largess).
SHREWSBURY - After Shrewsbury High suffered its first loss of the season Monday night to Holy Name, Colonials coach Erin Largess was curious to see if her team could bounce back.
Indeed, the current administration is actively pursuing trade normalization with the Chinese, the very issue that drove Clinton's attack on Bush-Quayle (and apparently motivated the Chinese money launderers in their Democratic largess in Campaign '96).