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The Largess Restaurant has been designed in a unique style that one can feel himself, when entered the restaurant, as if he is in a European restaurant.
Largess deftly directed his horses across Kelley Square.
At the risk of seeming naive, we're hoping that Thomas' successor but be less a purveyor of pork and distribute the government's largess more fairly.
First to profit from this largess was the elegant Italian-style facade, reconstructed from old photographs.
Bereft of a good issue, the Democrats can only snipe at such largess.
Our defense really got us going and got us back into the swing of things," said Shrewsbury coach Erin Largess.
The biggest part of this international largess will go to Cork, Ireland, where a new 1,100-worker campus will develop, manufacture and fulfill orders for the world's largest biotech company's European operations.
I am not claiming President Bush is rewarding his own voters (an implausible claim, since the patterns of federal receipts and largess have been established for decades).
LEOMINSTER - Shrewsbury High coach Erin Largess challenged her super sophomore, Elizabeth Grip, to play a full, 32-minute game last night.
Not to the city's residents, businesses or even most of its working people, mind you, but to Contreras and the 90 other union bosses who are doing so well off of his largess.
Yet the liberal project of joining state largess to culture has hardly been a success.
Jacob's largess is indicative of his dual understanding of business and economics, as well as his deep belief in the power and potential of humanity, especially our youth.