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The seven-year-old son of Largesse is still a maiden but has twice finished second off a higher mark and could go well over this 2m41/2f trip, although it looks to be his maximum.
And, in many cases, what largesse, raking in sums that some working people can only dream of.
Of course, councils like Sandwell can pay what they wish as they have a bottomless pit and a load of mug tax-payers to fund their largesse.
It can be accomplished through regulations, and framed as measures to prevent the rich from hurting the poor, or, it can be accomplished through fiscal reform, and marketed as measures to prevent current largesse from infringing on the rights of our children.
It's no accident that this largesse ended up at a Philadelphia-based ministry.
For 12 months, we're going to give you a history lesson on black entrepreneurs and professionals who built lasting wealth and, collectively, encouraged millions to do the same through their example, their mentorship and, in some cases, their largesse.
In the absence of labor unions, workers were dependent on landowner largesse for their survival, and ritual displays of subservience to the patron, or boss, identified rural workers as second-class men.
Bureaucrats are now trained not only to favor but to seek out faith groups when it comes to distributing government largesse.
In a full-circle gesture of largesse, the artworks will be auctioned off in September as a benefit for the library, which will use the funds to buy more books.
1) Though some of this largesse is being ploughed into progressive sounding initiatives, such as Classrooms of the Future, in reality, much of the funding is being directed at the refurbishment and adaptation of existing facilities.
Moreover, the prefecture is very heavily dependent on largesse from the national government to keep its books balanced, and must rely on Tokyo handouts on a perennial basis.
Speaking of the latest tax cut, how are the already affluent, the major beneficiaries of Bush's largesse, going to cope with the challenge of spending it?