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Each time Ozma has carved me a new head just like the old one, and as my body is by far the largest part of me, I am still Jack Pumpkinhead, no matter how often I change my upper end.
And these two, thus nurtured and educated, and having learned truly to know their own functions, will rule over the concupiscent, which in each of us is the largest part of the soul and by nature most insatiable of gain; over this they will keep guard, lest, waxing great and strong with the fulness of bodily pleasures, as they are termed, the concupiscent soul, no longer confined to her own sphere, should attempt to enslave and rule those who are not her natural-born subjects, and overturn the whole life of man?
They are known to the largest part only as preachers.
Weather in Sarajevo for the largest part of the day will be mostly sunny.
The importance of the upcoming elections in drawing the future of Iraq and moving to the stage of state-building," Hakim stressed during a meeting with the US ambassador in Baghdad on Tuesday, referring to the basic role of youth as the largest part of Iraq.
Roblon A/S (CPH:RBLNB), a developer and manufacturer of fibre product, reported on Friday the conclusion of an agreement to sell the largest part of its Engineering segment to Erhvervsinvest and the management of Roblon Engineering, Lars Munch Antonsen and Jesper Krarup Nielsen.
These countries will account for the portfolio allocation's largest part.
Business comes with 5 successful websites that are making the largest part of the business revenues.
The retailer said its burgeoning travel arm is now the largest part of the group by both sales and profit, notching up a 10% surge in annual earnings to PS96m and accounting for nearly two-thirds of group trading profits.
Among the public enterprises, the highest are the debts of MZ Transport to foreign railway companies of 40 million euros, of AD MEPSO of 16 million euros and of AD Makedonija pat, the largest part of whose debt of 13 million euros is to the Public Revenue Office in VAT.
The largest part of the consolidated total debt is the foreign borrowing, now at US$13.
Yesterday, scientists recovered what could be the largest part of the meteor from Chebarkul Lake outside the city.