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Each time Ozma has carved me a new head just like the old one, and as my body is by far the largest part of me, I am still Jack Pumpkinhead, no matter how often I change my upper end.
And these two, thus nurtured and educated, and having learned truly to know their own functions, will rule over the concupiscent, which in each of us is the largest part of the soul and by nature most insatiable of gain; over this they will keep guard, lest, waxing great and strong with the fulness of bodily pleasures, as they are termed, the concupiscent soul, no longer confined to her own sphere, should attempt to enslave and rule those who are not her natural-born subjects, and overturn the whole life of man?
The 777-300ER, which makes up the largest part of the Cathay Pacific fleet, is one of the most fuel and cost-efficient airplanes in its class as well as the most reliable twin-aisle aircraft in the world.
These records are associated to the largest part in the project update repository work of art GDI Department of RATP.
The largest part of the consolidated total debt is the foreign borrowing, now at US$13.
Yesterday, scientists recovered what could be the largest part of the meteor from Chebarkul Lake outside the city.
The largest part of the profit came from Belgian activities.
The largest part of the refurbishment will be to introduce an accessible public toilet which will enable any visitors with additional needs to use the facilities comfortably.
For the third issue, the by far largest part of the sale has been acquired by banks (88.
The largest part of the land frames the Black Cat Fireworks site with frontages to Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Hill Road and Felks Stile Road.
COLON The colon (bowel) is the largest part of the intestine.
Cigarettes still account for the largest part of the companies' promotional budgets by far: The four firms spent $9.