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The Mozart is played with a relaxed delicacy: the larghetto movement taking almost one minute longer than many other recordings.
The relaxed bonhomie of the finale was tossed off with just the right delicate vivacity, yet it was in the central Larghetto that the performance really shone.
She surrenders to her doubts about Adelberto's identity and fears for the future in the key of F minor, the Larghetto tempo and the densely contrapuntal and dissonant five-part texture - all comparable with Ottone's 'Tanti affanni'.
Cold is Cadwallo's Tongue &c: (Andante Larghetto Recit: accompanied On dreary Arvon's shorte &c: 4th Air.
Blechacz' playing was all romantic candlelit shimmer in the seductive Larghetto but he added some steel in the opening Maestoso and the mazurka-style finale fairly swaggered and danced.
Following 18th-century practice, Levin played solo cadenzas of his own creation in the opening Allegro and the Finale, and added to Mozart's flowing melodic lines, particularly in the Larghetto, improvised ornaments, all of which proved stylistically appropriate and engaging to the listener.
Mozart dont la celebre [beaucoup moins que] Don Giovanni [beaucoup plus grand que], [beaucoup moins que] Larghetto du concert pour piano et orchestre a cordes [beaucoup plus grand que] de Paul Angerer, [beaucoup moins que] La veuve joyeuse [beaucoup plus grand que] et Duo Hanna et Danilo [beaucoup moins que] Lippen Schweigen [beaucoup plus grand que] de F.
It was full of drama, but drama tempered by moments of lovely luminosity and, in the larghetto especially, a radiant surround sound.
However, the Larghetto section of No 1 seemed slightly laboured and less expressive than other movements of the piece.
The larghetto movement of the E flat Sonata was given a particularly beautiful and sensitive reading and was a showcase for the effortless and musical playing of Bahmann, evident throughout the program.
While the first movement felt a little less distant than it did on Thursday, and the larghetto was beautifully rounded, the finale felt pedestrian, ambling along without much sparkle.
Compare, for instance, Beethoven's "Adelaide" with a messa di voce on each note of the larghetto and without it.