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But they never came within reach of his ready lash.
But never did he forget to shiver, nor to stumble where the footing was rough, nor to cry aloud at the bite of the lash.
But Francois, chuckling at the incident while unswerving in the administration of justice, brought his lash down upon Buck with all his might.
His lash was always singing among the dogs, but it was of small avail.
Flormar Spider Lash Volume Mascara amplifies lashes with incredible, buildable volume.
With an eyelash extension adhesive line that has received rave reviews since it's debut early this year, Lash Tavern users have reported client retention of an additional one to two weeks on average.
It's not especially legendary - I was expecting fat volume, but it was more of a lengthened, almost spidery lash look.
uk) THE soft, spiky teeth of this clever mascara wand do exactly what they promise, gently pulling my lashes skyward, opening up my eyes and providing excellent separation and delivering just the right amount of mascara - no second coat and no lash comb required.
While waiting for the lash builder to dry, which takes a couple of minutes, I used a cotton bud to gently wipe away any fibres that had fallen onto my skin.
Lash technicians spent three days in the capital, Kiev, perfecting a new method developed over there which uses multiple lashes rather than single lashes to create a fuller look.
However, NAD recommended that P&G either discontinue the use of artificial lash enhancements in images used in mascara advertisements that make quantified performance claims or alert consumers--in the main message of the ad--that the images depict the volume achieved when CC Mascara is used together with lash inserts.
Preparation: Make sure the lash is the right length before you glue it on.