lash back

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Snooki's too tired to lash back. After a morning radio host in Colorado made a nasty remark about the reality TV star's appearance, the usually feisty celebrity took the comment in stride, tuned it out, and brushed it off with a single tweet.
Jonathan Shalit, her manager had admitted that he was worried that the singer-songwriter would commit suicide after she came across the social media lash back, and had arranged for surveillance at her house for two consecutive nights "to make sure she did not do anything stupid".
Lash back against oppression with candy-coated images and idyllic picnic scenes?
Upon seeing these comments, you may feel inclined to lash back or click "delete," but this is a bad idea.
Military chiefs say China will intensify its vigilance, but not lash back, after the United States said it is to shift most of its warships to the Asia-Pacific region by 2020.
Summary: David Cameron forced to play down tensions after senior officers lash back at criticism of their response to the riot crisis.
Angry Brian took straight to Twitter to lash back at his ex, called her a "pig-faced mole" and adding: "Kerry Katona.