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Rain had lashed down in the North West of the country throughout the afternoon but the final decision to notify the Press that the game was called off didn't come until 6.
Durham batsman Garry Park plays on as he attempts to pull a Dale Steyn delivery during a sunny spell at Edgbaston on Saturday, when rain lashed down intermittently Picture, MATTHEW LEWIS/GETTY IMAGES
When containers are loaded, they are lashed down with steel rods that secure them to fittings on a ship, according to Booth.
THE CROWD: The attendance of 12,096 was a little disappointing, although those who stayed at home to watch the game on telly could hardly be blamed as the rain lashed down.
He has lashed down 62 aces in reaching the semis, and is proud of his fine start to the season.
In true Scottish tradition, the service ended with the bagpipes - just as the skies opened and the rain lashed down, forcing guests to shelter under cover.
Her name was Chloe and as she walked out the rain lashed down and lightning did its best to strike the housemates.
Birmingham fared little better with parts of the city plunged underwater as the rain lashed down at around 10am.
Port looked more a collective outfit in the second and proceeded to up the ante as the rain lashed down.
The title-chasing rider collected a treble to sail past 100 for the season in the sunshine nearly a week ago, but it was a very different scene this time as wind and rain lashed down relentlessly.
Rain lashed down through the night on the collection of more than 100 tents on the outskirts of the west London airport.
Huge crowds crammed into covered stages to watch smaller acts, as the rain lashed down on Worthy Farm.