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I think the nish was three 10ft climbs after running 20 miles and the weather was awful, it was lashing down with rain.
The visitors also reacted well to the weather conditions as Austin crossed again with the rain lashing down.
IT'S been unseasonably chilly, there's no denying that, and of course since the onset of the hosepipe ban there's been barely an hour when it hasn't been lashing down.
However, the weather is sure to play a big part and if it's lashing down again then it's harder for these dogs to come from behind.
It was 0-0 at half-time and conditions were poor with the rain lashing down.
There is nothing quite as calculated to put you off your rum punch than the news that the sun is splitting the paving stones at home, while the rain is lashing down on the holiday that's cost you a fortune in Barbados" Radio presenter Sir Terry Wogan "Three, four, five times a day, every day, was not unusual for him.
He said: "It was lashing down all last week and we trained in the worst of it, every day.
But in late spring of this year we had very strong winds and rain lashing down.
Not only is the chicken wire container unacceptable with regards to the welfare of the sheep, particularly being open to the elements on all sides with just a cover on top, but the rain was lashing down and the situation for the sheep moving along must have been intolerable.
There was no bonus point but it had been lashing down all day and the ground was extremely soft.
As the days get longer, and the rain starts lashing down, you know festival season is nearly upon us.
The rain even came lashing down to remind the couple which country they were in.