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In short order, he has repealed restrictions that prohibited Cubans from buying personal computers, cell phones and other consumer goods--items that Fidel feared might facilitate sedition or, at a minimum, promote counterrevolutionary comfort and lassitude.
Symptoms of flu include fever, chills and shivers, headache, aches throughout the body, sore throats and coughing, runny nose, loss of appetite and extreme exhaustion In healthy people it can take a week or more to recover from flu and it is often followed by a feeling of extreme lassitude which can last for weeks.
The sad fact is that counsel's haste to sue and lassitude in investigation imposed a real and unnecessary burden on defendants, our judicial systems and, truth be told, the three plaintiffs, who never even realized litigation would be brought in their name in the United States," wrote Judge Alsup in his order.
Darfur, in short, twists in the wind of a perfect storm of political impotence and moral lassitude.
And when he ventures into bossa nova territory (on "How Insensitive") he captures the sadness of the lyric without lapsing into the kind of finger-popping sexual lassitude that is the hallmark of too many lesser bossa singers.
His chapter on oblivion in Hamlet, for example, becomes a discussion on the dangers of the effeminizing somatic effects of lethargy, the cause of lassitude and inactivity, and the reason why, in humoral theory, women needed much more sleep than men.
Bill Julian's recent, superb letter (Echo) raised many pertinent points concerning the lassitude and total inaction to crime and the perpetrators by our so-called police force.
I know this is true of all adolescent experience, but when I think now of the energy and relentless focus of our interminable discussions about the subject a sort of retrospective lassitude descends upon me, as well as a retrospective anger'.
When asked about problems they have when they are sleep-deprived, both male and female respondents mention daytime sleepiness, muddleheadedness and lassitude.
Whether documenting missionaries who complained about the "savage," self-destructive customs of aboriginals, or Englishmen who blamed the famine on Irish lassitude, Brantlinger has effectively demonstrated how political and social agendas were justified by extinction discourse.
There is a feline lethargy to his movements and Caribbean lassitude to his speech that suggests it's all he can do to keep his eyes open and body upright.