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No, no, he was astonished at this lassitude, and said to my mother, who laughed at him,
She had not been made sleepy, as Chris had; but the keen edge of her vitality had been blunted, and she was experiencing a sweet and pleasing lassitude.
The lassitude was gone, and she was her natural self again, vibrant with the instinctive fear of things unseen.
At this moment, when, with the exception of the principal individual, a general lassitude was getting the mastery of the travellers, and every eye was cast, by a sort of common impulse, wistfully forward, the whole party was brought to a halt, by a spectacle, as sudden as it was unexpected.
The flame flickers in the eye; the eye shines like dew; it looks soft and full of feeling; it smiles at my jargon: it is susceptible; impression follows impression through its clear sphere; where it ceases to smile, it is sad; an unconscious lassitude weighs on the lid: that signifies melancholy resulting from loneliness.
Numbness and lassitude crept upon her, and she was beginning to hope that she was only dreaming it all when he roused her by saying,
Some close observers, indeed, detected a feverish flush and alternate paleness of countenance, with corresponding flow and revulsion of spirits, and once or twice a painful and helpless betrayal of lassitude, as if she were on the point of sinking to the ground.
the weather, neither too warm nor too cold, but of that happy temperature which stirs the blood, without bringing the lassitude of spring.
She pulled a basket containing balls of differently colored wools and a pair of stockings which needed darning towards her, and began to set her fingers to work; while her mind, reflecting the lassitude of her body, went on perversely, conjuring up visions of solitude and quiet, and she pictured herself laying aside her knitting and walking out on to the down, and hearing nothing but the sheep cropping the grass close to the roots, while the shadows of the little trees moved very slightly this way and that in the moonlight, as the breeze went through them.
But the blank stretches in his thinking process began to come more frequently, and he surrendered to the delightful lassitude that was creeping over him.
For example, the Common European Asylum System sets the standard for processing and assessing asylum applications, and the granting of refugee status across the EU but off paper, these regulations are patchily addressed due to the differences in welfare systems within EU member states, as well as political lassitude in some instances.
Comment faites-vous pour eviter la lassitude sachant que vous ne vous separez jamais de votre instrument de cœur ?