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The Brillante's trombonist Chris Jones was excellent in Lassus which was played as a New Orleans march with a touch of ragtime.
FranE*ois de Lassus, from CPoR Company in Paris, says that offering a 50g ingot of gold would be the perfect gift -- and a way of investing for the future, since the precious metal continues to shoot up in price.
Both concerts, directed by Peter Coulson, start at 7.30pm and feature Victoria's Mass O Quam Gloriosum with motets by Byrd, Lassus, Gibbons and William Harris, plus Barber's Agnus Dei and Sir John Tavener's work written for Durham Cathedral, Ikon of St Cuthbert.
Featured composers include Orlando de Lassus, Johannes Ockeghem, Phillipe Rogier, Guillaume Dufay, and Philippe de Monte, among others.
Gabriel Monteverdi and Lassus lead the way through to Palestrina, Sweelinck, Buxtehude and the inevitable Bach.
'We are yet to decide on the next course of action because the shareholders of Fortis will meet in Brussels to approve the (global) acquisition by BNP Paribas,' the report quoted Geoffroy de Lassus, AMS coordinator for India, Asset Management Services, BNP Paribas, as saying.
The other influential factors are the kind and quantity of chemicals used in different phases of the process as well as the chemical and physical conditions of the system such as pH value, consistency of fiber suspension, defibering time and the hydrodynamic factors of the flotation process (Lassus, 2000).
Zacconi also relates a story about a canonic duo by Lassus that singers performed in inversion; Lassus approved it even though such performance was not his original intention.
Michel Conan's own contribution deals with the famous hanging garden developed by the renowned garden designer Bernard Lassus in Paris.
She quotes documents relating to Italian performances in Bavaria, and the diaries of Bavarian aristocrats visiting Italy; and spends some time on the participation in improvised theatre of musicians, some of them Italian but others immigrants from the north such as Roland Lassus. The point being made is presumably the chronological priority of such information over much purely Italian material.
There was music by Tallis and Lassus, excerpts from dialogue with my "inner child" that I had made as part of my own belated recovery.