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Are you well assured that the day of reckoning has come at last? Are you ready to follow me back, through the crimes of the past, to the secrets of the dead?'
I was the eldest (she said), and those last precious relics ought to be in my keeping.
On the last day, my mother insisted on rising from bed and going through the house.
Meantime the thieves were frightened, and ran off a little way; but at last they plucked up their hearts, and said,
When at last he was made fast and seemed quite helpless and beyond the faintest hope of succour, Rokoff's shrivelled wart of courage swelled to its usual proportions when danger was not present.
How that last scene stays with me, and will stay to my death!
Long ere the last of the column could hope to reach the upper pits which lay above the danger point I was convinced that the waters would surge after us in overwhelming volume, and that fully half the expedition would be snuffed out.
"About half-past ten last night I thought I heard the engine of an airship.
They began to be frightened at last at Pulcheria Alexandrovna's strange silence on certain subjects.
Well, that was about the last news we had of the three pirates.
No, I want to live; I shall struggle to the very last; I will yet win back the happiness of which I have been deprived.
Mugambi pushed his mistress back into the greater security of the interior, and with his depleted force prepared to make a last stand against the foe.