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He actually said this last season watching Kenny Lofton chase down a fly ball in a game at Coors Field: "He had to run a country mile, and he had a country mile to work within that framework.
Despite demand on par with last year, absorption for New Haven county remained negative in 2002 as companies continued to return space to the market.
last summer fueled the worst fire season in decades, charring millions of acres.
The world elastomer industry has now grown for three consecutive years and in four of the last five years.
Late last year, Wiles broke his silence and sent out an electronic-mail message acknowledging a gap in what he had thought was an airtight proof (SN: 12/18&25/93, p.
However, Ron Peterson, the city's planning director said, "I would think residentially we will be well below last year in number of units.
A record 198 commercial banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation failed last year.
As the last of the C2 series, it is certainly a one-in-a-million collectible vehicle, particularly among Corvette enthusiasts and car investors.
Also, an improved offense will need to produce more than last year's lineup, which ranked 170th in the country in runs per game.
This projection now appears conservative since the average sales price showed a 40 percent increase to $952,761 from the same period last year and is 37 percent higher than the previous quarter.
The top five gift giving occasions in the last year were birthdays (95 percent), religious holidays such as Christmas (88 percent), Mother's day (74 percent), Valentine's Day (70 percent) and Father's day (66 percent).