last act

See: denouement
References in classic literature ?
The last act was a triumph for the hero, poor and of the masses, the representative of the audience, over the villain and the rich man, his pockets stuffed with bonds, his heart packed with tyrannical purposes, imperturbable amid suffering.
The last act of this eventful life took place in his native district: some local mandarin gave a great banquet in honour of the distinguished poet, whom he had rescued, half drowned and famishing, from the ruined shrine by the shore where the waters had cast him up.
Tom's last act was to send a message to Mary Nestor, and then he, with Ned and Mr.
I call it a revolution because I now see how, with the word he spoke, the curtain rose on the last act of my dreadful drama, and the catastrophe was precipitated.
Princess Betsy drove home from the theater, without waiting for the end of the last act.
There is, indeed, no other reason to be assigned for it, than because the play is drawing to a conclusion; as if it was no less natural in a rogue to repent in the last act of a play, than in the last of his life; which we perceive to be generally the case at Tyburn, a place which might indeed close the scene of some comedies with much propriety, as the heroes in these are most commonly eminent for those very talents which not only bring men to the gallows, but enable them to make an heroic figure when they are there.
The Wizard then announced the last act of all, which was considered really wonderful.
Ah," said he, "here we are, at the last act of the tragedy.
By a "gentleman of fortune" they plainly meant neither more nor less than a common pirate, and the little scene that I had overheard was the last act in the corruption of one of the honest hands--perhaps of the last one left aboard.
He'd call it an adventure -- that's what he'd call it; and he'd land on that wreck if it was his last act.
Like Augustus, he no doubt considered the world a great stage, and was desirous of playing out the last act of the comedy.
He did no work for two or three years before he died, but lived in clover; and his last act (like a choleric old gentleman) was to kick his doctor.