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SURNAME. A name which is added to the christian name, and which, in modern times, have become family names.
     2. They are called surnames, because originally they were written over the name in judicial writings and contracts. They were and are still used for the purpose of distinguishing persons of the same name. They were taken from something attached to the persons assuming them, as John Carpenter, Joseph Black, Samuel Little, &c. See Name.

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I have a clunky hyphenated last name, and I think it's simpler when everyone has the same last name.
The ECtHR ruled on Tuesday that legally obligating married women to use their husband's last name violated two articles of the European Convention on Human Rights: Article 8, which guarantees the right to respect for private life; and Article 14, which bans discrimination.
Would the child feel any embarrassment because s/he has a different last name than the parent that the child lives with?
When choosing a last name, Petrow advises to use what works best for you, your partner--and any children you may raise.
Currently, women have the statutory right in all fifty states to change their last name upon marriage.
I also had family in Coventry, whose last name was London.
Getting back to the splitting names problem: you can always do the copy, paste, delete dance - removing the last name from the first column and removing the first name from the second column in Excel.
Svea Fraser's last name was misspelled in Chuck Colbert's Oct.
To submit prints or slides by mail, send correspondence to: Conservationist ATT: Camping and your last name, 2nd Floor, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 122334502.
SACRAMENTO -- Suppose you are a husband who, upon marriage, would rather take your wife's last name.
Situational last name use was examined in a sample of 600 married women who responded to a mail survey.
Indexes for cross-referencing include top legal officer by last name and by law school; companies by rank, location and industry; in-house chief counsel by last name and practice area; law firms by location, practice area and the companies who selected them.