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SURNAME. A name which is added to the christian name, and which, in modern times, have become family names.
     2. They are called surnames, because originally they were written over the name in judicial writings and contracts. They were and are still used for the purpose of distinguishing persons of the same name. They were taken from something attached to the persons assuming them, as John Carpenter, Joseph Black, Samuel Little, &c. See Name.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If I get married, I'll add my partner's last name to mine.
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The Arab last names which made it to the highest places on the list are Agbaria (ninth), Mahmid (14th), Jabarin (15th), Khatib (21st), Mahajna (29th), Zoabi (30th) and Souad (36th).
E[currency]iE-li's 1st Civil Court of First Instance rejected her suit in 2007 on the grounds that Article 187 of Turkey's Civil Code compels women to take their husband's last name, or use it alongside their maiden name, after getting married.
The father raised the points that the child had extended contact with her father's family, and that the child was not moving to a new community to begin a new life (if a child is moving to a new community, the child may be embarrassed to explain why the child has a different last name than the parent the child lives with).
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