last offer

See: ultimatum
References in classic literature ?
He was just about to make one last offer, but he lacked the courage to do so.
But this last offer had been accompanied by a sneer, and had tokened the old rascal's scorn of the girl's scrawniness.
At this moment, when the coachman and guard were comparing notes for the last time before starting, on the subject of the way-bill; when porters were screwing out the last reluctant sixpences, itinerant newsmen making the last offer of a morning paper, and the horses giving the last impatient rattle to their harness; Nicholas felt somebody pulling softly at his leg.
The damage to the old Diana was not forgotten, of course, and there was nothing of any nature said or done by Falk (even to the last offer of refreshment in the hotel) that did not seem to have been a cause of offence.
He urged Afghan leaders and political forces to focus on, and respond to the last offer by the government on the national unity for unconditional peace and reconciliation talks.
Barcelona was aiming to sign Coutinho during the previous summer transfer window to make up for their failure to get Marco Verratti from Paris Saint-Germain who also lured Neymar away from the Catalonian club with a fee of AaAaAeA@1/4222 millio The last offer made was AaAaAeA@1/480 million with a possible additional AaAaAeA@1 million in variables depending on the performance of the player and his titles.
That has infuriated West Ham, who insist their last offer is final and that they will not be held to ransom.
Branko Geroski in Sloboden pecat comments that the last offer of VMRO-DPMNE for re-registration of voters with personal identification cards on the election day and the threats that the field control "will come to SDSM's cost" are clear indicators that the regime intends to "counter-review" the election list, i.
Asked whether she was aware of a last-minute offer to Greece from European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, Merkel responded: "All I know is that the last offer from the Commission that I'm aware of is from Friday of last week.
Abraaj's last offer for the acquisition of the company was made on December 24, when it increased its offered purchase price per share to 88.
Further to Abraaj's last offer, Kellogg has increased its own offer price to EGP 89.
The supplier with the lowest price will then supply the various distribution utilities' requirements, but the last offer that will be cleared sets the price on how much the sellers will be paid.