last part

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In the last part the satire is too bitter, the degradation of man too terribly insisted upon to make it pleasant reading, and altogether the first two stories are the most interesting.
But the last part of his merry speech was drowned in the wild tumult of applause which followed his exploit.
It is time now to proceed to the last part of the speculation.
The way she had been educated, joined to a fine natural indolence, was of course partly the reason of it, for she had been educated as the majority of well-to-do girls in the last part of the nineteenth century were educated.
I observed in this last part of his discourse, which was truly prophetic, though I suppose my father did not know it to be so himself - I say, I observed the tears run down his face very plentifully, especially when he spoke of my brother who was killed: and that when he spoke of my having leisure to repent, and none to assist me, he was so moved that he broke off the discourse, and told me his heart was so full he could say no more to me.
I received this last part with some token of surprise and disorder, and had much ado to avoid sinking down, for indeed I loved him to an extravagance not easy to imagine; but he perceived my disorder.
It was when they were doing the last part of the course on their way back towards the sea that their pace was strained to the utmost and it was seen what each could do.
The company added that an expected surge in numbers in the last part of last year would probably result in London being top European capital in 2004.
Bruce Flatt, President and CEO of Brascan, stated, "Our support will allow Noranda's management to complete the last part of their restructuring plan, which includes the rationalization of their magnesium business.
Despite increased activity in the last part of the period, deal pace remained slow in banking and slower still in other sectors.
The last part of the book devoted to the study of the three intellectual fathers of Turkish nationalism makes for fascinating reading but should have been put in another book altogether.