last stage

References in classic literature ?
We are now, reader, arrived at the last stage of our long journey.
At length the day dawned upon us, and rising from our miserable pallet, we stretched our stiffened joints, and after eating all that remained of our bread, prepared for the last stage of our journey.
As Christie and Jessie Carr looked from the windows of the coach, whose dust-clogged wheels were slowly dragging them, as if reluctant, nearer the last stage of their journey to Devil's Ford, they were conscious of a change in the landscape, which they could not entirely charge upon their changed feelings.
We may indeed with propriety be said to have reached almost the last stage of national humiliation.
That last stage of exhaustion, which to us is still incredibly remote, has become a present- day problem for the inhabitants of Mars.
Adam's eyes were in constant employment, and it was not till Salton declared that they had now entered on the last stage of their journey, that he referred to Sir Nathaniel's coming.
Dear old ladies and gentlemen who know nothing about being hard up--and may they never, bless their gray old heads--look upon the pawn-shop as the last stage of degradation; but those who know it better (and my readers have no doubt, noticed this themselves) are often surprised, like the little boy who dreamed he went to heaven, at meeting so many people there that they never expected to see.
Pepper raised his stick and silently indicated a shrub, bearing among sparse leaves a voluminous purple blossom; and at a rickety canter the last stage of the way was accomplished.
Once, just as her eyes had opened, apparently in the last stage of drowsiness, the roaring winds brought with them a long and plaintive howl, that seemed too wild for a dog, and yet resembled the cries of that faithful animal, when night awakens his vigilance, and gives sweetness and solemnity to its charms.
Baggs left off snoring, and we arrived at the last stage before the coach stopped.
She would have had me let the maid have waited on me down to the last stage, and come up again in the waggon, but I convinced her it would not be convenient.
That she was, to all appearance, in the last stage of a consumption, was--yes, in such a situation it was my greatest comfort.