lasting reminder

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TEENAGE talent Carla Melaco made her TV acting debut last night in hit series Vera - and its kind star Brenda Blethyn has made sure she has a lasting reminder of her role.
The Commonwealth Games is the third-biggest multi-sport competition in the world and the stamp issue will be a lasting reminder.
And Claire has managed to get a lasting reminder of her time on stage with Gary; not only did she take a selfie with her idol but fans from across the world are now contacting Claire via social media.
As a local business, we're very pleased to be funding this lasting reminder of the success of the Lumiere festivals.
Facility Services will recognize the contributions of faculty and staff by planting 50 trees on campus, beautifying the environment while providing a lasting reminder of the generosity of donors.
whose son George Stratton III was wounded, said the building should stand as a lasting reminder of the impact the shooting had on his son, whom he said still struggles to afford food or rent.
BUILDER Lee Mayes has enjoyed working on his latest church renovation project so much that he has had a lasting reminder tattooed on his arm.
The new certificates come in a presentation box, are ideal for framing and provide a lasting reminder of those special family ties.
Jimmy - at Walter's request - then took up permanent residence as a lasting reminder of how entertainment became such a vital part of the war effort.
It will be a lasting reminder of the Diamond Jubilee and its place in the community of Shard End.
I'm delighted that the British Embassy in the UAE will have a lasting reminder of what promises to be the greatest sporting event in the world.
On occasions after a good win I like to treat myself to the purchase of something as a tangible and hopefully lasting reminder of it, not just something that can be drunk.