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I picked the spot because Ben Busch's words about Turner and his memoir were still echoing in my brain--especially words like lastingness, vitality, survivor, back to life.
These delivery systems are tailor-made to provide isolation, protection, controlled release and improved long lastingness of volatile flavours or fragrances in specific applications.
If we fail to exert uncommon effort to re-unite Lebanese around national constants to preserve, in turn, Lebanon's sovereignty and its democratic system lastingness, we would be contributing in destroying our unique formula,' Harb said.
I would say, then, that Woolf is indeed correct when she calls Johnson and Piozzi's friendship "lasting," but I wish to call attention to the irony that underwrites such a declaration: in large degree, we owe their lastingness to the Thraliana, a text which not only just happened to survive, but which continually reminds us that it sits on the verge of self-destruction.
Consolation for human mortality comes gradually and only partially through unwavering concentration on the lastingness of the landscape, the endurance of the mountain.
Instead, Suarez emphasizes the imperiled nature of her response to the world, questioning its lastingness even as she acknowledges its force.
Amii LeGendre and KF Niehoff's pair of duets for themselves, (Ever) lastingness and The Laughing Gnome, extended the freedom of contact improvisation into the exuberant personae of the rock star, playing power chords on air guitars.
In general, securely attached people's positive attitude toward life assists them to transcend the fear of death through developing a sense of "symbolic immortality," that is, a personal sense of continuity and lastingness.
It becomes his task to preserve the balance between the experienced lastingness and the theophanic events in such a manner that the paradox becomes intelligible as the very structure of existence itself.