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safety regulators opened an investigation of Fiesta door latches in September after getting 61 complaints about the doors.
On the Altima, Nissan's top-selling vehicle in the US, debris and rust can combine with interference between the secondary latch lever and the hood, causing the latches to bind.
The company already has manufacturing agreements with latch makers in India, Korea and China - where it will supply MG Rover's successor Nanjing Auto with all its latches - and is in talks with a Japanese latch manufacturer.
Install strong latches or bolts on cabinet doors to prevent the contents from flying out during the quake.
On hot days I've found the factory S&W latches not as sure as I would like, especially with sweaty or oily hands.
In cases where multiple latches are used to secure an assembly, only one fastener carries an embedded chip and acts as the "master" to activate or deactivate the "drones.
You'll see concentrations of latches in certain categories, which may be overly deep or wide, or clearly duplicated.
Flood control doors did not lock when their latches were tripped.
Ford was supplied latches meant to mushroom on rings upon pulling cables mounted to inner inserts in an underhood application.
In 1990, the agency asked all automakers to check their crash-test standards for rear-door latches.
Prior to the installation of the new locking system, the only hospital latches (devices that release a door when pressed) on the market were nonlocking.