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Despite government guidelines and business campaigns, late payment still remains all too common.
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Survey results highlight the need to place late payment higher on the agenda, encouraging companies to take an active stand against the issue and put an end to late payment once and for all.
One is that the Hoosier tires the track decided to use for the Super Late Model division is a similar tire the defunct Southwest Series drivers used last year.
Best articulated by the followers of the Wang Yangming school of Confucianism in the sixteenth century, late imperial conceptions of childhood were deeply informed by the Daoist belief that an embryo of innocence, purity, and spontaneity is innate in all humans throughout the life course, and that it must constantly be nurtured, revived, and restored by medical and meditative practices.
By applying such techniques, he explains, we can begin to understand the thought processes of one composer and develop new techniques we can use to look at, understand and interpret other late twentieth-century music.
If SARS was not recorded as a possible diagnosis in the medical chart, despite SARS-defining manifestations for at least 24 hours of hospitalization, recognition of SARS was classified as late.
Depending on your state Medicaid system, there could be some financial penalty and, of course, your facility could always be cited during a state survey if late assessments are found.
The Medici, Michelangelo, and the Art of Late Renaissance Florence: Catalogue of the Exhibition Magnificenza
economic news of the past several months continues, the cost of late 1990s excesses will turn out to have been remarkably small.
At issue are charges of market timing (short-term trading to take advantage of prices on foreign markets) and late trading (allowing a trade to be processed after the day's 4 p.