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Deputy governor Stanley Tarus said the affected employees will have to write showcause letters explaining why they should not be punished for lateness.
my world Because the fight against lateness, is in my blood.
Among his topics are philosophical interrogation and perceptual faith, a consciousnesses without fissures, freedom and lateness to being, and at the point of departure.
Get Wales she'st also attend monthly reviews and Massey, who was two hours late for court, was told there would be no excuse for lateness in future.
We received a note stating the time she registered and that persistent lateness could result in a fine.
BWest Midlands schools are extending the fixed penalties issued for missing school to also include lateness, with families facing a PS60 fine and even prosecution for persistent lateness.
Because Kickstarter has no mechanism for accountability and because crowdfunding may acquire a lack of credibility, we analyze the phenomenon of lateness in pursuit of underlying causes.
I empathise with the woman who wrote in about her friend's continual lateness (Dear Coleen, November 13).
She believes that if your friends know what you're like they will accept your lateness (funnily enough she is never late to check in at an airport).
Chronic lateness, on the other hand, is different, and for small-business owners, staff coming in late can have significant time and cost implications.
When the kids grow up, they'll find out that lateness won't be tolerated by employers.
Meanwhile, I had just finished an eight-hour festival of lateness that had eliminated my own hopes for a productive day.