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Hidden; concealed; that which does not appear upon the face of an item.

For example, a latent defect in the title to a parcel of real property is one that is not discoverable by an inspection of the title made with ordinary care. Similarly, a latent defect in an item of merchandise is one that could not have been discovered by any known or customary inspection or test.


adjective abditus, arcane, behind the scenes, below the surface, camouflaged, concealed, covered, covert, delitescent, hidden from view, indiscernible, occultus, screened, submerged, under the surface, underlying, undetected, undeveloped, undiscovered, unexposed, unnoticed, unseen, unsuspected, veiled
Associated concepts: latent ambiguity, latent danger, latent defect, latent injury, latent liability
See also: blind, concealed, covert, dormant, hidden, inactive, potential, secret, underlying, undisclosed

LATENT, construction. That which is concealed; or which does not appear; for example, if a testator bequeaths to his cousin Peter his white horse; and at the time of making his will and at his death he had two cousins named Peter, and he owned two white horses, the ambiguity in this case would be latent, both as respects the legatee, and the thing bequeathed. Vide Bac. Max. Reg. 23, and article Ambiguity. A latent ambiguity can only be made to appear by parol evidence, and may be explained by the same kind of proof. 5 Co. 69.

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But even such a sharp fall in the latent profit is still short of having any serious impact on their ratios of capital, including some of the latent profit, to assets.
latent class models allow us to think about person-centered research questions in addition to traditional variable-centered research questions).
Cognitive scientists and computational psycholinguistics have developed Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) as a statistical model for comparing semantic similarity of units of text to each other.
In order to analyze the latent heat of solidification of these alloys, four different levels of silicon and three different levels of copper were taken into consideration.
These models specify the mathematical form of the regression of Pi(_), the probability of responding correctly to item "i" given ability _, on _, the latent ability continuum (see Lord & Novick, 1968, Birnbaum, 1968).
IAFIS provides five key services: 10-print services, subject search and criminal history request services, document and image searches, remote search services, and latent print services.
The database has a total of 258 latent cases; each case includes the latent image, the matching tenprint image, and four sets of minutiae that have been validated by a professional team of latent examiners.
27 Kyodo The combined latent capital gains on the securities holdings of eight of Japan's nine major "city" commercial banks with urban branch networks have more than tripled in the six months to Sept.
Skin possesses a number of unique qualities that distinguish it from other specimens examined for latent prints.