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The latent content of the discussion in this category reflected awareness of the relationship between their own experiences with native language preservation and the sociocultural implications of language loss in schools and society.
The latent content of this discourse had to do with their apparent formulation of a willingness to follow in Fillmore's footsteps to become activist teachers in a reconceptualization of their professional identities.
Theoretical coding of the latent content of two discussion categories discovered a unifying theme in students' construction of new knowledge: an awareness of the importance of language policy and culture and advocacy for linguistic minority children for their development as bilingual educators.
This agenda, however, is as constraining as it is inclusive, a notion that a latent content analysis can bring to light.
Taking into consideration how the manifest content and latent content analyses inform one another places the data in Agger's (1989) work on critical theory of text.
Discussion of Manifest and Latent Content Analyses: The Erasure of Male Social Workers