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The results for latent content showed that the number of logical appeals outweighed the emotional appeals.
Another change that can be found is that dynamic contemporary psychotherapy has been giving more relevance to the manifest content of dreams in its interpretations, no longer focusing exclusively on the latent content (Glucksman, 2001; Kramer & Glucksman, 2006).
In addition, both researchers independently recorded the material for the latent content analysis.
The following research questions guided the latent content analysis portion of the study:
After exploring the literature on Latino teachers' identity formation, sociopolitical awareness, and advocacy, he applied the inductive analysis to identify the latent content of these categories.
The latent content of the discussion in this category reflected awareness of the relationship between their own experiences with native language preservation and the sociocultural implications of language loss in schools and society.
The results of our latent content analyses appear in Tables 4A and 4B.
Latent content analyses revealed that four of the general American government texts and eight of the presidency texts contain only minimum coverage of first ladies (see Tables 4A and 4B).
The topics include Aristides and his book of dreams, the literary dimension of the text, dreams and miracles in the sacred tales, a functional analysis of the personal religion of Aristides, and an analysis of the latent contents of his dreams.
The second part provides a more in-depth analysis, attempting to clarify the latent contents conveyed by the concepts according to which those objects of scientific knowledge constructed by archaeology are developed.