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8 mM in dental plaque, which promotes expression of the HIV-1 latent virus, and implies that infection with P.
Activating resting T-cells to purge or flush out latent virus, Maintaining latency to keep proviral DNA permanently silenced,
ZZ develops, when the latent virus activates and reaches the skin in the axon of the sensory nerves and leads to eruption.
A latent virus in normal mice capable of producing pneumonia in its natural host.
Stress, sunburns and fevers can rouse the latent virus (VP16 gene activity shown in light blue).
6) A finding of varicella-zoster--seronegative ganglia indicates that varicelia has become latent in the human geniculate ganglion following a primary infection and that reactivation of the latent virus from the geniculate ganglion precipitates Ramsey Hunt syndrome type I.
Local trauma or possibly the generation of heat near the nerve root may activate latent virus.
Final chapters offer reviews of the latest viral and cellular targets for anti-HIV chemotherapy, the development of iRNA-based therapeutics, and molecular-based strategies that target latent virus reservoirs in infected individuals.