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Hidden; concealed; that which does not appear upon the face of an item.

For example, a latent defect in the title to a parcel of real property is one that is not discoverable by an inspection of the title made with ordinary care. Similarly, a latent defect in an item of merchandise is one that could not have been discovered by any known or customary inspection or test.


adjective abditus, arcane, behind the scenes, below the surface, camouflaged, concealed, covered, covert, delitescent, hidden from view, indiscernible, occultus, screened, submerged, under the surface, underlying, undetected, undeveloped, undiscovered, unexposed, unnoticed, unseen, unsuspected, veiled
Associated concepts: latent ambiguity, latent danger, latent defect, latent injury, latent liability
See also: blind, concealed, covert, dormant, hidden, inactive, potential, secret, underlying, undisclosed

LATENT, construction. That which is concealed; or which does not appear; for example, if a testator bequeaths to his cousin Peter his white horse; and at the time of making his will and at his death he had two cousins named Peter, and he owned two white horses, the ambiguity in this case would be latent, both as respects the legatee, and the thing bequeathed. Vide Bac. Max. Reg. 23, and article Ambiguity. A latent ambiguity can only be made to appear by parol evidence, and may be explained by the same kind of proof. 5 Co. 69.

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a) Modalities of measuring latently infected cells and the 'reservoir' in vivo
If the presence of only 100,000 latently infected CD4 T cells in the body and a half-life of 44 months are assumed, eradication would require highly active therapy for about 60 years.
In situ hybridization for EBER was performed using a 30-base oligonucleotide complementary to a portion of EBER1, a region of the EBV genome that is actively transcribed in latently infected cells.
These findings suggest that nurse macrophages may represent a source of latently infected CD4+ T-cells, and that compromise of nurse macrophage production of CD4+ T-cells, brought about by HIV infection, may contribute to the CD4+ T-cell decline that characterizes AIDS.
While current antiretroviral treatments can reduce the virus to undetectable levels, HIV persists latently inside cells.
Treatment adherence of the latently infected tuberculosis population (post-Katrina) at Wetmore TB Clinic, New Orleans, USA.
Researchers then added JQ1 to latently infected cells, at physiologic concentrations, and observed potent reactivation of latent HIV.
The mean percentage of exposures to adult TB for TB-uninfected children, latently TB-infected children and TB cases was 5.
Pairing diverse (but latently related) sets of imagery and meanings is a formula that Douglas has employed consistently, from player-piano rolls and textile-mill punch patterns (in the installation Onomatopoeia, 1985-86) to E.
PsHV-1 DNA can be found in relatively low concentrations in various organs of latently infected birds.
In the first part of this study, we investigated the relative contributions of tumor cells and other latently EBV-infected lymphoid tissues to the pool of circulating EBV DNA.
Charley, a true neurotic who once impregnated his stepsister (Lisa Kudrow), is so latently hungry for fatherhood that he's determined to prove that Gil is the unacknowledged father of their lesbian best friends' newborn baby.