later generations

See: posterity
References in classic literature ?
Of the later generations of phoneticians I know little.
He came of an ancient and noble family, but one which in its later generations had become feeble almost to madness.
He was undeniably handsome, graceful, well-bred -- but no close observer could look at him without suspecting that the stout old family stock had begun to wear out in the later generations, and that Mr.
She had, indeed, advanced so far in the pursuit of wisdom that she allowed these secrets to rest undisturbed; it seemed to be reserved for a later generation to discuss them philosophically.
So begins the pseudo-Aristotelian paradox which later generations would know as "Problem XXX, I.
With time, the guilt felt by later generations for not measuring up to the standards of the founding generation diminished.
The company expects that later generations of instrumentation will provide features that are specific to particular applications or customer needs.
Known as Edgar "the Pacific" by later generations because his short reign over England (959-975) was free from external attack or significant internal dissension, King Edgar has been relatively neglected by scholarship in spite of the fact that he presided over a period of major social and economic change, including the growth of monastic power, major redistributions of wealth, and the creation of the first national coinage.
These heavyweight stars were much better at holding onto their girth than were later generations of massive stars, which have fierce winds that blow away much of the material they were born with.
SIR - Sustainable development - living now within the capacity of the planet in ways that will ensure a good future for later generations and for all forms of animal and plant life - is the most important challenge that our society faces.
But, to later generations, he will be remembered for hosting the Radio Two show,Thanks for the Memory, which began in 1972, featuring songs from before rock and roll.
Would later generations, attired in scratchy ties, hot suits, and dressy shoes think of nude Peter with envy?