later generations

See: posterity
References in classic literature ?
Of the later generations of phoneticians I know little.
He came of an ancient and noble family, but one which in its later generations had become feeble almost to madness.
He was undeniably handsome, graceful, well-bred -- but no close observer could look at him without suspecting that the stout old family stock had begun to wear out in the later generations, and that Mr.
She had, indeed, advanced so far in the pursuit of wisdom that she allowed these secrets to rest undisturbed; it seemed to be reserved for a later generation to discuss them philosophically.
It added that the prospects for later generations are uncertain, with bigger long-term questions about how the welfare state is maintained.
Later generations best know her as Patsy Stone in Absolutely Fabulous, a role for which she won two Baftas and emerged as one of the best comedy actresses of her generation.
Multigenerational effects are plausible, given the known links between maternal health or socioeconomic status and infant health, as well as animal studies that have found that early life environmental impacts can be translated to later generations.
Later generations knew him primarily as the conductor of weekend telethons to raise funds for victims of muscular dystrophy.
Works that have completed the exhibition circuit are then donated to their regions of origin as part of the cultural heritage of their later generations.
Over billions of years, later generations of stars are able to create the heavier silicon 29 and 30 isotopes.
Growing up in Benzie County, we later generations had been told the story.
He also urged both sides to pass the narrative of friendship to later generations.