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Conversely, the encapsulation-dehydration technique was unsussessfuly applied on lateral buds (Sartor, Moraes, & Almeida, 2012), showing that more studies are needed to increase the number of cryopreservation protocols of this tissue.
On the other hand, means presented in Table 3 revealed that lateral bud explants gave higher values in callus inducing percentage, fresh weight and size compared to leaf explants.
Dormant lateral buds on most woody plants are protected by a number of overlapping bud scales.
Stem cuttings use portions of the stem containing terminal or lateral buds (Figure 7-6).
Lateral bud dormancy in the black currant Ribes nigrum (L.
If the lateral buds are removed, growth is transferred into the terminal bud.
In addition, they have been shown to increase lateral bud break, increase shoot growth, and improve branch angles on nonbearing trees used for nursery stock, which provides a better tree framework and earlier cropping.
Others have shown that decapitation of bean plants (Phaseolus vulgaris), besides stimulating lateral bud development, enhances the growth of the primary leaves (6).
The smutted shoots may arise from the top of the cane or from lateral buds.
Importance of lateral buds of diageotropic shoots in formation of the aftermath is small, despite the presence of these structures in many species.
Single galls develop in apical or lateral buds on young shoots, never in clusters.

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