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CANAL. A trench dug for leading water in a particular direction, and confining it.
     2. Public canals are generally protected by the law which authorizes their being made. Various points have arisen under numerous laws authorizing the construction of canals, which have been decided in cases reported in 1 Yeates, 430; 1 Binn. 70; 1 Pennsyl. 462; 2 Pennsyl. 517; 7 Mass. 169; 1 Sumu. 46; 20 Johns. 103, 735; 2 Johns. 283; 7 John. Ch. 315; 1 Wend. 474; 5 Wend. 166; 8 Wend. 469; 4 Wend. 667; 6 Cowen, 698; 7 Cowen, 526 4 Hamm. 253; 5 Hamm. 141, 391; 6 Hamm. 126; 1 N. H. Rep. 339; See River.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Four (4.3%) patients had lateral canal conversion at 2-hour follow-up, and 1 (1.07%) patient had lateral canal conversion at 1-day follow-up.
Contraction of the ampullar musculature creates a pressure difference between the lumen of the tube foot and the lumen of the lateral canal. Because the flaps of the valve at the entrance of the lateral canal protrude into the tube foot, the difference in pressure closes the valve, preventing water vascular fluid in the tube foot from backing into the lateral and radial canals.
Water irrigation of the external canal mainly stimulates the lateral canal, as it is located in the axis of the ear canal.
The lateral canal is less severely affected and might even appear to be normal.
O'Donoghue et al [14] and Bates et al [15] had detected 4 out of 5 lateral canal fistula using HRCT.
[6] determined that, compared to the lateral canal's contribution to the overall caloric response magnitude during the reorientation from a horizontal to vertical position, the anterior canal (AC) contributed about one-third and the posterior canal (PC) about one-tenth the contribution from the lateral canal.
The construction of the pumps, a 42.6-kilometer diversion channel and main canal, and a 98-km lateral canal will employ 14,780 skilled workers during the building phase and 8,700 workers when the Chico River irrigation system becomes operational, said Ricardo Visaya, chief of the National Irrigation Administration.
Construction of these irrigation facilities is still ongoing and includes the 6.8 kilometers concrete main canal line, 6.5 kilometers lateral canal, 1.78 kilometers access road and 68 other structures of the irrigation component.

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