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Pan [34] explored two objective functions on axial or lateral direction to optimize strain estimation, and it is easy to fall into ill-conditioned equations.
Harmonic waveform analysis--Harmonics can occur in the radial and lateral directions.
Of these patients, 10 received BTX delivered in an upward and lateral direction, and five received it in a downward and medial direction.
Sulphate may be distributed in lateral direction many times more intensively than in transversal direction.
cr_dry] are the critical force per unit projected area in the lateral direction for partially saturated and dry sand, respectively.
This condition is frequently caused by a tight lateral capsule and a weak medial capsule causing an overpull in the lateral direction.
An absorbent article comprising a lateral direction and a longitudinal direction, an outer cover joined in facing relationship with a bodyside liner with an absorbent core located between the outer cover and the bodyside liner, a.
To achieve these objectives, the instrument should provide a spatial resolution of at least 125 nm in the lateral direction and 350 nm in the axial direction.
1]] [partial derivative]t < 0, whereas a further breakage of bonds results in lateral direction with [[partial derivative][[epsilon].
Based on the involute function having these constants, a profile function (22) from a central position in a lateral direction to a maximum width position is determined over an X-Y plane.
Its lateral direction seemed to pick up speed, and I started to brake.
This unique and patented gasket structure promotes dissipation of heat in the lateral direction while also exhibiting high thermal conductivity due to the thickness of the gasket," Dattilo said.