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In extreme cases, some story may sustain excessive lateral drift, or even collapse, while others may remain almost intact (Fig.
Thus, these limitations motivate us to develop a new CA model incorporating the lateral drift behavior and its consequent variable lateral clearance maintaining behavior to investigate the mixed bicycle flow.
Hyundai understands the serious sport of drifting, and readily volunteers its Genesis Coupe for exhibitions at Hyundai Lateral Drift events.
To drum up excitement for its upcoming 10th Hyundai Lateral Drift season, Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.
Slightly more pinching in hysteresis of PFT as compared with OFT at large lateral drift indicates stiffness degradation.
The alert appears as a yellow icon on the dashboard display and as a vibration on the left or right side of the driver's seat, depending on the direction of lateral drift.
Round 6, the final round of the Hyundai Lateral Drift Pro-Am Championship Series 2014 will happen on Nov.
Some interesting acts seen after four episodes (as of March 1) were Vertigo (a pair who does acrobatic moves while on a climbing wall), the Tahanang Walang Hagdan Wheelchair Dancesport and BMG Dancers (a dance group which includes wheelchair-bound members), and Lateral Drift (a pair of daredevil car drifters).
who sponsored the Hyundai Lateral Drift Series organized by Lateral D Productions.
MIKE Tuason will carry the colors of the TRS-Castrol Drifting Team in the third round of the 2012 Lateral Drift Championship Series at Quirino Grandstand today.