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Placing the patient in the left lateral position (at least 15[degrees] tilt) or manually displacing the uterus to the left of the abdomen
The fact that the patient was in the right lateral position during the procedure might have prevented the large amount of air from entering the left ventricular outflow tract; hence, decreasing the chance of distal artery emboli lodgment.
The lateral position of the lag screw and the distance of the head-neck fragment from the nail were measured with calipers.
The immediate treatment for VAE should include preventing further air entry by occluding the site; taming the patient to the left lateral position with the head down, if possible; maintaining high-flow oxygenation; and providing critical care to stabilize and maintain vital signs (Heckman et al.
However, in a birthing room, a woman is quite often asked to lie in the left lateral position, meaning on her left side, and it's plausible that this position may be better for the baby.
After placing the patient in a right lateral position, a left interscalene brachial plexus block was performed uneventfully with 15 ml of 1.
The automated film tracking assembly maintains lateral position of the film at all speeds.
They were placed in the lateral position, injected at a rate of 5 mL per 15 seconds, and remained supine for 2 hours after.
A quick shift of the lean angle will raise or lower the height of the support if needed, and its lateral position can be shifted to the direction of a deer's approach as quickly and quietly as you can shift your gun.
Lying in the prone and left lateral position significantly reduced the number and severity of episodes of reflux, duration of episodes and amount of gastric residue after 1 hour after feeding.
Vehicle type, lateral position of vehicles, lateral separation in the centrelines of the vehicles following one another, and traffic densities in the lateral and longitudinal direction are only a few factors to name.

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