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Forlateral position, patients were lying in left lateral position on the operating table with the knees and hips flexed.
The initial difference observed between the 2 limbs due to maintenance of lateral position is lost to a great extent on assumption of the supine position.
A prospective randomized controlled two-center study of intubation in the supine or lateral position was conducted in two tertiary hospitals (Lishui Central Hospital of Zhejiang Province and Jiaxing First Hospital of Zhejiang Province) from April 1, 2015, to September 30, 2015 (Chinese Clinical Trial Register, ChiCTR-IIR-16007814).
Owing to two-dimensional movements of bicycles, the update step in this CA model can be defined as two substeps: all the bicycles first update their lateral positions according to lateral movement rules and then decide their forward movements according to forward movement rules.
Patients receiving spinal anesthesia with ultrasound in sitting position were named as Group SP and the patients receiving spinal anesthesia with ultrasound in lateral position were named as Group LP.
After explaining, the patients were placed on the operation table in lateral position with their back exposed.
After placing the patient in a right lateral position, a left interscalene brachial plexus block was performed uneventfully with 15 ml of 1.
The automated film tracking assembly maintains lateral position of the film at all speeds.
They were placed in the lateral position, injected at a rate of 5 mL per 15 seconds, and remained supine for 2 hours after.
A quick shift of the lean angle will raise or lower the height of the support if needed, and its lateral position can be shifted to the direction of a deer's approach as quickly and quietly as you can shift your gun.
The 12 study positions were supine, supine with knee bent, left lateral position, and fight lateral position, and in each of these positions, the HOB then was elevated to 15[degrees], 30[degrees], or 45[degrees].
Lying in the prone and left lateral position significantly reduced the number and severity of episodes of reflux, duration of episodes and amount of gastric residue after 1 hour after feeding.

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