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Numbers of gray whales and humpback whales reported for shore stations in four latitudinally defined regions, with the proportion gray (Pg), proportion humpback (Ph = 1-Pg), and standard error of the proportions (SEp).
from their filing to their final payment, rather than latitudinally, i.
Connecting the M1 and the M6, which run north-south across the region to the east and the west, are a number of roads which bisect the area latitudinally.
The term "armored" refers to the series of separate, latitudinally arrayed sclerites around the abdomen.
If random points are selected on a Cartesian two-dimensional plane extending from -180 ~ +180 and -90 ~ 90 degrees, longitudinally and latitudinally, respectively, high-latitude areas will have higher probabilities of being sampled.
But even though I don't share Urgo's and Cowley's hymnal approach to Faulkner, I nevertheless think that their analyses render the valuable service of illustrating the choice every reader considers in making his or her way through Yoknapatawpha: whether to proceed latitudinally (that is, reading from text to text in order to construct a kind of "master text"; this is the choice made by Cowley in putting together The Portable Faulkner) or longitudinally (reading text by text so as to disarticulate each novel from its companions; this is the choice made by Urgo in his effort to discredit Cowley).
14]C production profile, has major variations vertically (because of cosmic ray absorption with atmospheric depth) and latitudinally (because of geomagnetic shielding)--See Figs.
Juvenile chinook salmon were broadly distributed latitudinally during both cruises, but their distribution was mainly restricted to nearshore stations within the 100-m isobath (Fig.