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Latitudinally, mangroves could extend their distribution to locations where they could not grow before due to high frost frequency.
In contrast, continentality indexes, which reflect differences between maximum and minimum temperatures, decrease latitudinally because thermal stability increases toward the equator.
Every second of every day, the North Atlantic Current, an offshoot of the Gulf Stream, transports about 15 million cubic meters of warm, highly saline water past the western shores of Britain and Ireland, cosseting those latitudinally incongruous palm trees in Cornwall.
At Stanley Falls, where Conrad's voyage ended, the Congo flows latitudinally in a Westerly direction with riverbanks on its north and south sides; however, where Marlow's voyage ended, he found that Kurtz's "station was on the west side" which means that Conrad located it on a river or a portion of a river that flows longitudinally ("Heart" 108).
Based in part on the statement by Sayers (1984) that southern stations were more oriented toward catching gray whales and northern stations toward humpback whales, and in part on other notations in the literature that give the same impression, and because of the limited number of species identifications in the catch statistics and other data, we stratified the whaling stations latitudinally into four geographic regions as indicated in the Appendix.
Even though the longest and shortest days are the same date for all places in Australia, the earliest and latest sunrise and sunset are latitudinally dependent.
In the present case, latitude (that is, distance to the base of YP or Nuclear Central America, the putative biogeographic origin of most taxa in the region; Bussing [1976]) was not so relevant for richness, which is relatively homogeneous latitudinally, refuting a "peninsular effect" as such.
A list of latitudinally connected objects was created based on neighbourhood relationships with the previous DEM line.
In the Orthoptera, body size changes latitudinally and altitudinally (Bidau & Marti 2007a,b; Kaouch & Kristin in press), and these morphological differences often derive from underlying genetic differences.
from their filing to their final payment, rather than latitudinally, i.