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Laud launched an accurate flag kick and Hill made it 3-0 with a powerful header on 57 minutes.
I had to leave LA shortly after that for a better job and lost contact with Laud, until one day I read in the paper of his death.
Jane Wells, from the Norman Laud Association, said: "We are so grateful to Wylde Green Rotary Club and all the local community who collected tokens via the Birmingham Mail last year.
The Norman Laud Association provides a range of day and respite care services for children and adults with special needs.
Alison Johnson, fundraising manager at The Norman Laud Association, said: "We are absolutely thrilled that Barclays chose to support our work.
Staff from the two Barclays centres, Midland Business Banking Centre, in Colmore Row, and UK Banking Service Centre, in Summer Row, recently organized a trip and a party to the Sealife Centre for children from Norman Laud all as part of National Customer Service Week.
a cheque is handed over to the Norman Laud Association.
Laud got into trouble for trying to enforce the letter of the Elizabethan Settlement, not for trying to change it.
Mr Laud, aged 35, is not unused to attracting controversy.
Stafford Coroner's Court heard Laud told his common-law wife, Miss Nasiem Nawaz, his pleas to be transferred to another prison after problems with another inmate over a loan of pounds 85-worth of postal orders fell on deaf ears.
The Norman Laud Association is hoping kindhearted folk will pay pounds 30 to let Robbie lookalike Tony Lewis entertain them.
118) Was Laud truly "an ayatollah" of rigid theological views?