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AFC Emley: Green, Neesam, Cliffe (Hainsworth, 80mins), Hazelden (N), Handley, Hazelden (S), Leech, Townsend, Laud, Hill, Kenworthy (Joice, 76mins).
I had to leave LA shortly after that for a better job and lost contact with Laud, until one day I read in the paper of his death.
On each question the answers are the same: the policy was the king's; Laud carried it out with caution and tact; but bishops Wren and Pierce went too far and provoked problems.
We never investigated a case or information on victims in the Laud quarry,' the regional director said.
Certain details that might otherwise have been included in this biography, had Laud himself or his wife Nancy been available to fill in the gaps, were not accessible to the authors.
I personally know what happened to the case of Benjamin Laud in 2009 because I lawyered [for] him.
11 for the Sutton-Coldfieldbased Norman Laud Association.
The Norman Laud Association in Sutton Coldfield provides day and domiciliary respite care for children and adults with special needs.
Goals either side of half time put the skids under AFC and they were three down before Alan Laud (penalty) and Chris Prasher inspired late hopes of earning a draw.
The Norman Laud Association provides respite care to children and adults with special needs from across the West Midlands.