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All very laudable. But we need to be told exactly who is pulling the pursestrings inside Midland mosques.
Their laudable aim will be to crack down on cowboy builders and the like, as well as dodgy doorstep salespeople, counterfeiters and prize draw scams.
Gaskin finished marginally ahead of Sam Poots, who registered a commendable 50 per cent strike rate with four winners from eight runners, while the effort of John Mullins in finishing with six winners from 16 runners (37.5 per cent) was also laudable.
But there is a serious message and a laudable aim to the plans by Der-wentside District council.
The goal of closing the huge achievement gap is laudable and must be addressed effectively.
The lyrical text is fun to read and the unfolding story holds the laudable message to young readers that they, like the bees, should not focus on limitations but upon possiblities as they go about their daily activities.
By no coincidence, the major rating agencies announced a laudable new effort to draw up financial criteria for rating hedge funds.
Fran Costian is the chef-instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, as well as the Natural Gourmet Cookery School (where she has developed many laudable courses).
While the amount of clarity Notice 2005-43 and the proposed regulations provide is laudable, these rules impose a significant burden on partnerships and LLCs wishing to issue partnership interests, especially capital interests, to service providers.
Local and state underwriting associations, with laudable exceptions, wither, thank you sir, may we have even less?--as petty-cash-obsessed insurers renege on even minimalist support and should-be members balk at shelling out the dollar equivalent of a DVD and stay away in droves.
Attempts to cut the number of people falsely claiming incapacity benefit are laudable.
And what they found was a very good woman indeed--the kind of conservative Christian who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk, performing laudable deeds of private charity.