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He said the PBM was disbursing a huge sum of money to the needy persons including cancer patients which was highly laudable.
Without a clear structure and a sound and efficient management system the board will not be able to ensure that any of its policies will be implemented effectively and that their laudable objectives will actually be achieved.
What was it really nowa laudable act that should be encouraged because in the first place it was simply illegal?
EXCITING news from Sweden, where feminist football fans have launched a laudable campaign to win the same rights as men.
But there is a serious message and a laudable aim to the plans by Der-wentside District council.
The goal of closing the huge achievement gap is laudable and must be addressed effectively.
The lyrical text is fun to read and the unfolding story holds the laudable message to young readers that they, like the bees, should not focus on limitations but upon possiblities as they go about their daily activities.
By no coincidence, the major rating agencies announced a laudable new effort to draw up financial criteria for rating hedge funds.
Fran Costian is the chef-instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, as well as the Natural Gourmet Cookery School (where she has developed many laudable courses).
Local and state underwriting associations, with laudable exceptions, wither, thank you sir, may we have even less?
And what they found was a very good woman indeed--the kind of conservative Christian who not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk, performing laudable deeds of private charity.